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About PROlocker Posted by PROlocker January 16th, 2020

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Do you feel like your sports equipment is always strewn all over the floor and is constantly getting lost? Do you struggle keeping your young athletes’ hockey, lacrosse, soccer, or football equipment clean and dry for upcoming practices and games? Are you tired of having stinky sports gear all over the house? Tired of showing up at the rink or court with missing equipment? At PROlocker, our innovative approach to storing sports equipment will ensure your equipment always stays organized, dry, and in the right place for easy access.


Durable, Well Constructed and High Quality Sport Lockers

Our lockers and other storage equipment feature open shelves, ample room, and proper air flow to help your uniforms, shoes, protective padding, and whatever other equipment you use dry faster. Although our system is primarily known as the best hockey drying rack around, it’s also ideal for lacrosse, football, baseball, ringette, and soccer equipment.

Not only can our equipment storage solutions help your gear dry faster, but our drying racks and lockers also won’t break down after just a few seasons. Each of our products is constructed using solid Baltic birch, is finished with durable urethane, and features hardware that is brushed nickel plated. At PROlocker, our mission is to provide you with high-quality, well-constructed products that you can depend on to keep your equipment in top shape at all times. This way, you and your team can get out on the field and fully enjoy your sport.

#1 Choice Storage Solutions Available Around

Although we’re the #1 choice for schools, arenas, and training facilities, we can also help you design a custom locker room for your athletes if you manage a professional or semi-professional team. With our storage solutions, we know that your team members will enjoy having a secure place to keep their equipment without worrying about walking all over it or properly laying it out to dry.

Attract athletes to your organization and help your team members get the most out of their sport. For more information about our storage solutions, get in touch with us at PROlocker today.

PROlocker provides superior Hockey Equipment lockers.

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