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3 Ways to Ensure Hockey Equipment Lockers Don’t Become ‘Infectious’

Maintaining hockey equipment lockers and keeping them clean is vitalMaintaining hockey equipment lockers and keeping them clean is vital in preventing them from creating ‘infectious’ environments. Some bacteria can directly affect humans, while others can contaminate slowly and dangerously. You need to follow some basic practices, such as washing your hands often, keeping cuts bandaged, washing your uniforms frequently, and using your own towels.

However, these things are not sufficient to keep hockey equipment lockers clean, so follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Get rid of trash: Tidy your locker! And, if you’ve got items in it that you don’t use, take them home. Remember, however, to clean and dry them thoroughly in your PROlocker before putting them into storage.
  2. Keep smelly gear out of your locker: Dirty socks, shoes, thigh-pads, guards, helmets, elbow-pads etc. should be stored on the floor until they have been cleaned. If they are kept in your locker, they can become infectious.
  3. Clean! After tidying up and throwing away trash, it’s time to clean your locker with warm water, a cloth and a sanitizing product – preferably use a disposable cloth.

If you follow these simple tips on keeping hockey equipment lockers clean, you’re not only protecting yourself from developing a staph infection, which can cause serious complications, but also your teammates.

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