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Does Your Hockey Equipment Stink? Better DRY It!

With our hockey equipment lockers, you can keep your sports gear off the floorHockey equipment is a great topic because, for those of us who grew up playing the game, that smell represents the stuff of legends! It’s clearly part of hockey, but the truth is, you shouldn’t leave your fetid gear in a sports bag or squashed up in an airtight closet.

You perspire when you play, and that sweat seeps into your pads. Then, those pads go into your bag, where the real fun starts . . . because when your gear is packed all sweaty and wet, bacteria come out to join the party. Bacteria love moisture. They love the dark, and they love heat. So, when you take your hockey equipment bag, bring it into your home or toss it into your car, you’re introducing heat to the equation . . . and BOOM!

The other thing about bacteria is that you don’t want them coming into contact with any abrasions, bruises or cuts. That’s how you’ll end up with an infection.

So, if you do nothing else with your hockey equipment – cleaning wise – promise us that you’ll properly dry it out after each use. Proper drying cuts away the growth of bacteria which, in turn, renders your gear less infectious. It’s also going to make a big difference to that smell!

At PROlocker, we can help with innovative locker room designs for both amateur athletes and professional teams. With our hockey equipment lockers, you can keep your sports gear off the floor – with ample room and open shelves, PROlocker is superior to any other drying rack on the market and takes all the stress out of storing and drying your equipment. It’s perfect for training facilities, field houses, arenas and schools! For more information, please contact us at PROlocker today!

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