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Encourage Your Child to Properly Dry their Ringette Equipment with These Tips

If you have children, getting them to dry out their ringette equipment may feel like an endless battle. Once they walk in the door after a practice, they might tell you that they’ll get to it later, only to leave their equipment on the floor for you to trip over. If you are tired of this, here are a few strategies that may encourage your child to take care of their ringette equipment.

  • Time Them- By timing your children, they may view drying out their ringette equipment as a game. For example, after you pull in the driveway, tell your children that you will give a special reward to whoever is able to take care of their equipment the fastest. Continue to time them in the days afterwards to see if they can beat their scores.
  • Reward Them- Your children may be more prone to store their ringette equipment the right way if they are motivated by a reward, like going to the movies or an allowance.
  • Show Them How- One of the reasons your children may not take proper care of their equipment is because they don’t know how to do it. If you feel like this might be the case, take the time to show your children how to air out and dry their equipment correctly.
  • Use One of Our Storage Solutions- If you want to take things a step further, use one of our storage lockers for ringette equipment. Since our products are easy to use, your children may find that taking the time to dry and store their things is no big deal.

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