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Keep Your Hockey Equipment in Good Shape with These Tips

If you’re a hockey player, you probably rely on the strength and durability of your hockey equipment to keep you safe when you’re at practice or playing a game on the rink. However, to ensure your hockey equipment keeps doing its job, there are several things you need to do everytime you wear it.


One of the most important pieces of hockey equipment you likely own are your skates. To properly care for your skates:

  • Wipe your skates dry every time after you wear them
  • Inspect your rivets and have them tightened if needed about once a month
  • Remove the soles from your skates after you are done wearing them
  • Replace your laces with new ones about every two to three weeks

By following all of these steps, you may find that your skates last longer than you might have originally thought.


Just like your skates, rinsing and wiping down your helmet after every wear can prevent premature breakdown. In addition to drying out your helmet, inspect in on a regular basis and watch out for things like chips, cracks, or missing pieces.


Gloves are another type of hockey equipment that needs to be dried thoroughly every time you wear them. However, make sure to avoid hanging them up near heat sources, like air vents. This could cause your gloves to shrink.

At PROlocker, we’re here to help you protect the durability and effectiveness of your hockey equipment. Our storage solutions can make taking proper care of your equipment easier than you ever imagined!

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