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Our Sports Equipment Storage Solutions Allow Your Equipment to Dry Properly

Sport Equipment StorageIt can be a real challenge taking proper care of your sports equipment. Typical storage units just do not seem to do that expensive equipment justice. If your sports equipment is not stored properly so it can dry completely, you run the risk of it becoming damaged, or at the very least, smelling horrible. The answer to this dilemma is the sport equipment storage products from us at PROlocker.

We took into consideration all the special needs involved with different types of sports equipment, so regardless of which sport you play, your cherished sport equipment is given the respect it deserves. Our sports equipment storage solutions allow your equipment to dry properly, avoiding foul-smelling odors and damage to your equipment. This is true whether you have hockey equipment, ringette equipment, lacrosse equipment, football equipment, soccer equipment or baseball equipment.

We craft our sport equipment storage with the best materials available, including solid Baltic birch, which is well known for its strength and beautiful light colour, as well as durable urethane, brushed aluminum rods, and brushed nickel plated hardware to ensure the durability and beauty of your storage unit.

You have put quite an investment into your sports equipment, and now you can protect that investment with the best sport equipment storage available. It will make your locker room, whether it be at a school, arena, field house or training facility, the envy of other teams – you might even sign some great players because they want to use your professional sport equipment storage!

Give us a call today to discuss planning out your locker room. We offer a number of ready-made options, as well as custom products to give you the best sport equipment storage solution possible.

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