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Safety Tips for Sport Lockers and Locker Rooms

sport lockersSafety at sports clubs and facilities sounds like a given – friendly trainers and bright lights. However, safety should never be taken for granted, so here are a few things to do when using sports facilities.

  • Don’t take valuables like watches, wallets and cash with you. If you must take valuables, keep them with you – not in sport lockers.
  • Whenever unattended, keep sport lockers locked, even if you’re away for a short time – for example, taking a shower.
  • Avoid using the facility alone, especially during off-hours or after dark.
  • If you’re alone in a locker room, avoid using the shower.
  • Jogging or running? Do it during the day in well-travelled areas. If you must run at night, wear a reflective vest.
  • Going to the gym? Consider getting a buddy to workout with you.

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