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Sick of Sport Lockers That Are Flimsy, Smelly, and Lack Enough Storage Space? Switch to PROlocker Today!

Taking good care of your hockey, football, baseball, or lacrosse equipment means drying it and storing it the right way. However, with a flimsy sports locker, drying tree, or lack of a storage device whatsoever, your equipment might incur accidental damage, develop bad odours, and start to deteriorate over time. At PROlocker, our sport lockers will change the way you think about taking care of your sports equipment. We carry a variety of different models that are ideal for garages, mud rooms, high school locker rooms, and training facilities.

Whether you’re a high school football coach looking for a better alternative to the cramped lockers currently in your locker room or a mother tired of picking up your children’s sports equipment off of the floor after practices, we guarantee that our sport lockers will make storing and drying sports equipment easier and ever. Our sport lockers also:

  • Are constructed from solid Baltic birch and finished with a urethane coating for extreme durability
  • Feature nickel plated solid steel rods that are corrosion-resistant
  • Come with open shelves and ample room to allow equipment to dry as quickly as possible

In addition, hanging lockers can be secured to the wall, or full stalls have a solid base.

The main reasons that PROlocker drying systems are more effective than other products (such as equipment trees, Rocket Sport Dryers, etc.) is that they have a very short setup time, they look good, they are easy to use, and they are reliable. For example, the Rocket Sport Dryer will dry your equipment faster and better than PROlocker, but you are more likely to keep using the PROlocker because it take about ten times less time to set up, is more solid, and saves floor space.

At PROlocker, our mission is to offer high-quality, dependable products that will keep equipment in top shape, so you’re better able to enjoy your sport. Stop dealing with sport lockers that are flimsy, smelly, and lack enough storage space, and make the switch to PROlocker today!

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