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Sport Equipment Drying: Stay Safe With PROLocker!

sport equipment dryingDid you know that, in the average set of sporting gear, there are more than a million living organisms, any one of which could cause serious harm? The good news is that one way of preventing the growth of bacteria is through sport equipment drying.

With hockey, there is no shortage of germs on the ice itself, but most of them can’t do as much harm as the ones in your bag. Hockey is a contact sport, so when you get an abrasion or cut on your skin, the bacteria that have been living in your shoulder pad can get into that wound. This is much more likely if your gear was damp while being stored in a locker. Now, can you see why sport equipment drying is so vital?

We’re telling you this not to incite fear or make you panic; it’s simply to help you realize that, while you might have thought that getting your gear dried wasn’t a big deal, it actually is. You must take the necessary precautions. A great product for sport equipment drying is PROLocker, which can be mounted on a solid base or a wall. It stays on shelves and hooks so it can’t tip over. With ample room, air flows around your equipment to dry it quickly.

For more information about our sport equipment drying solutions, please contact us at PROLocker.

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