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Sport Equipment Lockers for Every Sport [infographic]

It doesn’t matter which sport you or your children play; it is important for sport equipment lockers to be durable to provide the functionality they are designed for. If you are tired of lockers that are too flimsy to hold up to the rough activities in the locker room on practice and game days, you’ll love the quality of PROlocker sport equipment lockers. Our well-made, durable shelves and cabinets allow sports gear to air out so your locker room doesn’t smell like a . . . well, locker room! Here are a few of the sports that can benefit from our line of sport equipment lockers.

Sport Equipment Lockers for Every Sport [infographic]

  • Ringette – Whether you have a child playing in a U9, U10, U12, U14 or U16 age division and you need a place at home to store their equipment, or if you are responsible for a locker room at a high school or university, you’ll have plenty of room for ice skates, stocks, rubber rings, and uniforms with our sport equipment lockers.
  • Hockey – In addition to traditional sport equipment lockers, consider a hockey stick box that will organize several sticks in one place, providing convenient storage and hassle-free access. Other components will keep the helmets, pads, and skates organized and able to dry out between games and practice sessions.
  • Football – With options such as a PRObench storage bench and PROlite equipment drying and storage unit, everything from pads and helmets to shoes and socks will be stored in style.
  • Lacrosse – Sport equipment lockers are ideal for storing protective gear, sticks, and lacrosse apparel.
  • Baseball – Every player will be able to easily organize and store their baseball equipment and uniform, including bats, balls, and protective gear.
  • Basketball – Although basketball has much less equipment than other sports, each player can still have items they want to keep organized for easy retrieval on practice and game days.
  • Soccer – Soccer players often like to keep the game going even after they’ve headed to the locker room. Durable sport equipment lockers stand up to being bumped into by a player or a soccer ball.

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