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Spraying is Not Sufficient for Lacrosse Equipment Cleaning

lacrosse equipment cleaningAnyone who plays the game will attest to the importance of lacrosse equipment cleaning and disinfection. Lacrosse is a high-contact, intense sport filled with mud, sweat dirt, and even blood. To help keep players healthy, clean and enjoying this great sport, we’ve put together a brief ‘how to’ when it comes to cleaning your gear.

Firstly, you should never leave your equipment in your bag, especially if it’s wet, dirty or sweaty. This will help prevent the rampant growth of fungus and bacteria. Get into the habit of routinely caring for your pads by using a disinfectant sports spray, and make sure to always hang your equipment in your PROLocker after every game or practice.

When it comes to actual lacrosse equipment cleaning, spraying the shoulder pads may not be sufficient. When cleaning these for the first time, soak them in a large bucket or tub filled with a recommended solution from your local sports store. You can also occasionally run them in your washing machine’s gentle cycle with a mild detergent and cold water.

With lacrosse equipment cleaning, be sure to avoid using any product that contains chlorine or bleach because, over time, these can destroy pads. And, when cleaning your helmet, spray both the outside and inside with a sports spray and then wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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