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We Can Create Custom Sport Equipment Lockers for Your Team

Sport Equipment LockersHave you been disappointed by the sport equipment lockers currently on the market? Do yours fall over when you try to use them? Does your equipment not dry properly and thus give off a foul odor when you pull it out the next day? If these situations sound familiar to you, we welcome you to find out how PROlocker has found a solution to these annoying issues.

We saw that there was a definite need, initially in the hockey storage industry, for durable and easy-to-use sport equipment lockers. Although we began with resolving the problem for hockey players, we found other sports teams wanting the same products for their sport. So, we went back to the design team and came up with the same great result for those wanting to be able to dry their ringette equipment, lacrosse equipment, football equipment, soccer equipment and baseball equipment. We also have sport equipment lockers that are ideal for your mud room or garage at home.

It is our belief that sport equipment lockers should be both functional and attractive, and that’s what you’ll find with PROlocker. In addition, we have made our products easy to use, so it is simple to organize your equipment and retrieve it.

We have a wide selection of sport equipment lockers that are ready-made, and we can also create custom products, so you can get the perfect lockers for any unique situation. Our sport equipment lockers are built to last, even given the rigorous use that athletes can sometimes give them. Give us a call today to get started with the design for your facility, whether it is a school, arena, field house, training facility, or home.

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