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Why Our Lockers Will Change the Way You View Sport Equipment Storage

Whether you’re a high school football coach or a mother of several little boys who are avid hockey players, you know what options are available to you when it comes to sport equipment storage. Many of these sport equipment storage solutions can only fit a few pieces of equipment, fall down whenever you try to use them, or just simply don’t work. If you’re tired of dealing with inadequate sport equipment storage, there are a few reasons why our products will change the way you think about storing sports equipment.

  1. Ease of Use- Laying out sports equipment on the floor to dry can be a pain. When you use one of our lockers, all you have to do is get everything out of the bag and put it in the locker.
  2. Built to Last- If you’ve used sport equipment storage solutions for a while, you likely know that you have to replace your devices every few years. At PROlocker, all of our products are built to last, made out of Baltic birch, and coated with a durable urethane.
  3. Saves Space- Some of our models can easily hang up on the wall without taking up any floor space. This means that our storage solutions can go any place in your house or locker room that has a little extra wall space.
  4. Guaranteed Satisfaction- We know you’ll be happy with our storage solutions. Because of this, all of our products come with a 90-day full refund policy. Additionally, if any part of your locker incurs damage to the point that it becomes unusable, we’ll replace it for free.

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